Press Release Distribution In China

Offering a comprehensive press release distribution service with its experienced editors,TR allows you to reach your target audience in China, the world's most populous country. Writing press releases both in simplified and traditional Chinese, you can put your brand at the forefront of China's substantial media through its press release distribution and reporting services. The sources people use to access the news and the usage rates of these resources vary from region to region. According to the analysis, 86% of the citizens in China access news through online channels. Online channels are followed by television channels with a rate of 74%. Compared to other sources, newspapers are less preferred with a rate of 19%. While China has an incredibly rich and diverse online media, it also has the largest social media platforms in the world. The data also provides information about general trust in media sources in China, the country with the highest internet penetration in the world. According to the data, 77% of the Chinese people trust the news.


Press release distribution is the most effective and quick way of conveying newsworthy content to the media and target audience through journalists.

Any organization that wants to raise brand awareness or enhance its image – whether it’s a small business or an established corporate enterprise – can distribute a press release as a way to inform the wider public. This simple-but-effective form of content distribution is frequently used to make important announcements or highlight a new product or service. Press releases fall under the rubric of earned media, which refers to publicity garnered through promotional means rather than through paid media advertising.

What should be considered in press release distribution?

*Sending a press release to all the editors and reporters out there doesn’t necessarily mean it will get wide coverage. 

*A press release is a newsworthy text published to enhance a person or entity's image or reputation, rather than for sales and marketing purposes.

*For the messages to be conveyed through the distribution of press releases to reach the target audience, detailed information about journalists and their areas of interest should be obtained, the publication policies of the channels should be observed, the publication periods should be known and the agenda should be followed.  


Send us the core idea of the story, along with the related and background info in Chinese, English, or your mother tongue. Our dedicated writing team will turn your story into a news story/press release following the professional style that the Chinese media and audience loves. You’ll be assigned a head staff writer who has experience in your field or industry and knows precisely what gets noticed. The release will be written in Chinese.


We need your final approval in order to schedule your press release for distribution to media outlets. Once we receive it, your release will be ready to go. We take special care of time-sensitive news as well, and should you have any questions even after the release is sent, we’re always available to help answer them.