China Marketing

The Chinese market has complicated rules. TIMELY RAIN, as your expert in China, will solve all kinds of difficulties and questions you encounter in the Chinese market. TR is a real expert in helping foreign companies set up companies and offices in China. At the same time, TR has unique capabilities in sales and marketing. TR is very suitable for foreign companies wishing to promote their products and services in China. If you need to do business in China as a foreign company, TR is here for you.


 We help businesses, from startups to big names develop optimal solutions for entry and growth in the China market. 

※Understanding the China/Chinese market is a challenging task.

※ No matter you are considering entering the China market with little or no knowledge about China or you had an established presence in China already, You might need help. 

* China Business Opportunity Analysis 

* China Market Entry Strategy

* Strategic Planning for Foreign Investment in China

* Market Research & Analysis: Demographic, Detailed Competitor Analysis

* Marketing Strategy for Profit Growth 

* Targeted Traffic Generation

* Marketing Assessment and Review

* Product Development and Launches in China 

* Chinese Website Localization

* Cross-border eCommerce Consulting


20 years China Marketing & Business Coaching Experience. 

* Served Hundreds of Mini-Entrepreneurs on Various Sectors and Indu


* Working under Diversified Environment and Can Handle Different Chinese Cultures. 


- Boost Your Chance of Success in Your China Business 

- Get Chinese Websites That Can Sell

- Be Connected with The Local Network

- Get Market Insights Quickly through Affordable, but Effective Methods

- Obtain Guidance from the Early Stage of Your Business in the China Market.

- Have a Local Presence on Early Stage to Get Accurate Information In the First Time.


 ※China Business Consulting, Coaching※

○ China Market Entry Strategy Consulting

○ China Market Research & Business Opportunity Analysis 

○ China Business Development Services 

○ Strategic Planning for Foreign Investment in China 

○ Appointment Setup for Key contacts

○ Chinese PR, Branding

○ Website Audit, Professional Chinese Website Localization and Translation

 ※Chinese Digital Marketing※ 

○ Website Strategy Planning & Consulting 

○ Chinese Content Marketing Strategy, Sales Funnel Creation 

○ Chinese Copywriting, Article Writing and Publishing 

○ Chinese SEO 

○ Baidu PPC

○ Chinese SMM: Weibo, Wechat, TikTok, KOL

 ※eCommerce ※ 

○ China eCommerce Platforms Consulting: Tmall, Taobao, JD, Amazon 

○ Sourcing Products from China 

※Corporate Services※ 

○ China Company Formation

○ China Trademark & Copyright Protection

○ China Recruitment 

○ China Executive Research