International Legal Affairs

  According to past experience, solving trade disputes through friendly negotiation is the most time-saving, labor-saving and cost-saving method. Resolving trade disputes through arbitration or litigation is an impatience after friendly negotiation channels are unsuccessful. In practice, choosing international arbitration has the following benefits. (Please browse the full text)

1. Application of law in international disputes

When arbitration or litigation disputes arise due to international trade, the first thing that needs to be determined is the application of the law. The application of different laws may have completely different legal consequences. When the parties to international trade have not explicitly selected the application of the law or the choice of the application of the law is invalid, the law is generally determined based on the principle of the place of closest connection. In China's judicial practice, the courts generally choose to apply the "CONTRACTS LAW" and "GENERAL PRINCIPLES OF CIVIL LAW" when determining the application of law in international trade disputes. "CONVENTION ON THE LAW APPLICABLE TO CONTRACTS FOR THE INTERNATIONAL SALE OF GOODS" is a convention that Chinese parties to international trade often choose to apply. However, in the practice of arbitration, the arbitration tribunal appears to be more cautious and pay attention to analysis on the application of law, and it also respects the choice of the parties.

2.Main service 

Foreign investment legal services

New establishment of foreign-invested enterprises, establishment of branches of foreign-invested enterprises, establishment of VIE structure, mergers and acquisitions of domestic enterprises by foreign investors, return investment, due diligence of Chinese companies, provision of professional legal opinions on Chinese investment laws, regulations and policies, etc.


Legal services for overseas investment

Design and structure of overseas investment plans, provide professional legal opinions on laws, regulations and policies related to investment destinations and investment, and relevant approval procedures for overseas investment by the Chinese government.


International investment dispute litigation agency service

 Agency for infringement cases of joint venture projects, agency for bill redemption cases, agency for engineering compensation disputes, agency for joint venture disputes, agency for engineering claims, and agency for international collection cases involving foreign-related disputes, etc.


International Trade Legal Services

Dealing with trade disputes, providing professional legal advice on laws and regulations related to international trade and international commercial management.


International intellectual property legal services

Intellectual property licensing, single country and PCT international patent application and renewal, international trademark registration and renewal, cross-border protection of know-how and trade secrets. Aviation affairs Investment in the aviation field, reorganization, mergers and acquisitions of aviation companies, aviation aircraft leasing, financial leasing, maintenance, etc., and the opening of international routes. Offshore company affairs Offshore company establishment and maintenance, management, offshore company tax structure and arrangements.


International Commercial Arbitration and Foreign-related Litigation

Dispute resolution under various international commercial arbitration rules, including China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission, International Chamber of Commerce International Arbitration Court, Hong Kong International Arbitration Center, Singapore International Arbitration Center, etc., foreign-related litigation dispute resolution under the jurisdiction of courts in China, assistance in participating in overseas courts Jurisdiction for litigation dispute resolution.