$37.5 to start your China Press Release Distribution (Secrets of Marketing and Influence in China)

2022-03-29 18:01:47 admin 98003

Hello, we are TR China Media, we can officially distribute your press release on the Chinese news media platform to promote your business development. Maximize the promotion of your services. Both businesses and individuals can issue press releases, as long as your service and content are legal. All releases have link report feedback.Don't worry, press releases are kept for up to 5 years. Our price is also the lowest.


For the first launch, we can give you two special specifications.

1:$37.50 to distribute press releases on 5 top news platforms, covering the translation and proofreading of your news text. 

2:$67.50 (10% off) to distribute press releases on 10 top news platforms, covering the translation and proofreading of your news text. 

Timely Rain Legal Advisory Services

What will we do?

1.We are responsible for the whole process of press release distribution and promotion services 

2. We will refund all fees if the service is not completed 

3. We provide free press release revision, translation, proofreading services 

4. We provide press release reports, including detailed report analysis and feedback 

5. We provide guidance on the distribution of press releases to effectively achieve exposure and avoid illegal releases 

6. We provide market research, including feedback on the market situation of your company's similar services in China 

7. We track the release status of press releases and provide continuous feedback

 Timely Rain Legal Advisory Services


1. Audience pool of 1.4 billion viewers 

2. Credibly promote your business or brand 

2. You can choose the relevant crowd to deliver news types 

3. China news official media platform release 

4. Released on China's influential top news media platforms, allowing your business or brand to establish authority in China 

5. Use the social influence of Chinese news media to achieve publicity effects and reduce promotion costs and expenses 

6. Effectively assist in the clarification of negative news in public relations 

7. Conducive to SEO, such as the optimization ranking of baidu, 360, sohu, sogou search engines 

Please contact us with any questions or needs, and we will provide a release plan for free.  

E-mail: timelyrainlaw@yahoo.com 

Wechat: TimelyRainlaw

Whatsapp: +86 13168680707