Use Chinese laws to solve Chinese problems

2021-02-22 21:29:28 8095

Whether a legal system is effective depends on whether it meets the national conditions of a country and the actual needs of society. The socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics must adapt to China's national conditions, and China's problems can only be solved with China's own laws. Compared with other countries in the world, China has its own unique national conditions. Only by respecting, understanding and deeply understanding my country's national conditions and social development can we do a good job of legislation.

    As a post-developing country, China is following a unique path of development. There is no successful experience to learn from the problems China encountered in the process of economic development. Especially with the in-depth development of the modernization drive, China’s economy and society present a series of new phased characteristics. We must not only make great efforts to solve the deep-seated contradictions and problems accumulated for a long time, but also properly deal with the new situations facing economic and social development. New topics, reforms, development and stability are extremely arduous and arduous tasks. Therefore, China's legislative work must proceed from China's national conditions and reality, have more mature practical experience, and have a more consistent understanding of all aspects, and require specific regulations to enhance the operability of the law. Where practical experience is not yet mature but laws are needed to regulate in reality, some principles should be stipulated first, to provide norms and guarantees for guiding practice, and to leave room for deepening reforms, and then modify and supplement them when conditions are ripe. It is this scientific and practical attitude that enables China's legislative work to always serve the great practice of reform and opening up and socialist modernization, always serve the central task of economic construction, and always serve to promote scientific development and promote society. The fundamental goal of harmony.

    Third, China has a long history and a far-reaching traditional culture including legal and cultural traditions. It is rooted in the soil of Chinese culture and has been internalized into the spirit of the Chinese nation. There are laws in foreign legal systems, but those that do not conform to China's national conditions and reality, will not be integrated; laws that are not in foreign legal systems but are needed in real life in China, we formulated them in time, thus forming a socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics .

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