• $37.5 to start your China Press Release Distribution (Secrets of Marketing and Influence in China)

    Hello, we are TR China Media, we can officially release your press release on the Chinese news media platform to promote your business development. Maximize the promotion of your services. Both businesses and individuals can issue press releases, as long as your service and content are legal. All releases have link report feedback.Don't worry, press releases are kept for up to 5 years. Our price is also the lowest.

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  • How to do Chinese Brands ?

    TR China marketing dedicated to documenting the growing popularity of Chinese brands and sharing their strategies for success. We also share key consumer and content trends.Why should you care about C

    2022-03-19 admin 5998

  • Start your Chinese press release promotion

    Start your Chinese press release promotion

    2022-03-11 admin 9110

  • Why do you need press release services in China?

    Press releases launched in the form of text, pictures and graphics not only help you to deliver information to the audience but also help you to interact with them and enhance communication. Contact us now to get more details and price in creating effective Chinese press releases.

    2022-03-09 admin 8906

  • IP Right Protection

    China’s Current IP Right Environment Since joining the World Trade Organization (WTO), China has strengthened its legal framework and amended its IPR and related laws and regulations to comply with th

    2021-04-26 admin 8995

  • Use Chinese laws to solve Chinese problems

    Whether a legal system is effective depends on whether it meets the national conditions of a country and the actual needs of society. The socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics must adapt to China's national conditions, and China's problems can only be solved with China's own laws. Compared with other countries in the world, China has its own unique national conditions. Only by respecting, understanding and deeply understanding my country's national conditions and social development can we do a good job of legislation.

    2021-02-22 8097

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