Partner lawyer recruitment

1970-01-01 08:00:00 China or the United States 5 Interview

Work requirements:

(1) The interviewer has a solid legal foundation and a solid professional education background. At the same time, the interviewer has a bachelor's degree or above in law from a well-known university, a master's or doctoral degree or above, and has experience studying abroad in Europe, the United States, Japan and South Korea.

(2) The interviewer has obtained a lawyer's practicing qualification certificate and has more than three years of lawyer's practicing experience. The interviewer has a clear business direction, strong practice ability, and professional experience in independently engaging in cases or non-litigation projects;

(3) The interviewer is familiar with large-scale government infrastructure projects, government BOT, international trade, venture capital, financing mergers and acquisitions, financial securities, insurance, maritime affairs, intellectual property, real estate, land, foreign-related businesses, etc.

(4) The interviewer can independently form a professional legal department or business team, and those with strong organizational and management skills and communication and coordination skills are preferred;

(5) The interviewer has strict work style and good behavior habits, and abides by the provisions of lawyers' professional ethics;

(6) The interviewer has a pioneering spirit, a sense of innovation and a strong sense of teamwork;

(7) The interviewer agrees with the development concept of Timelyrain and adapts to the innovative development model of the law firm.