International Legal Team

2020-12-09 16:34:06 90990

Timely Rain international team has a wealth of international experience, and has professional abilities and skills for conflicts of laws and legal references in various countries. Especially for international business and disputes, you need the assistance of an international team of lawyers.

The relevant legal areas include but are not limited to labor law, banking law, capital market law, real estate law, civil law, corporate law, business mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property law, information technology law, international economic law, business and marketing law, medical and Health law, public law, taxation, criminal law, insurance law, dispute resolution and arbitration procedures, etc.

In the early stage of your international business, Timely Rain's international team provides early-stage effective legal work such as risk avoidance solutions, market research, and legal consulting, communicates with you the best business methods, and combines your company's business to escort your international business ;

In the development of your multinational business, disputes will arise. At this time, you need an international legal team to solve various complex problems for you. Don't ignore disputes, which may cause you irreparable losses. Therefore, it is best to let a professional legal team review the problem for you and resolve the dispute under the most economical solution.

Timely Rain looks forward to solving your problems.