Legal Teams In Other Countries

2020-12-09 16:33:40 87903

In the United States, Brazil, Mexico, United Kingdom, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Belgium, Spain, Monaco, Greece, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, France, South Korea, Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Israel, Argentina Other countries, Timely Rain provides legal services in a total of 82 countries. Timely rain has more than 2,000 international staff, committed to providing customers with global business legal services and creating value for customers.

Timely Rain has gradually formed a talent team composed of professional lawyers, professional market talents, and professional management talents, ensuring the realization of Timely Rain's overall strategic goals. The scope of business covers international trade, overseas investment, companies, capital securities, cross-strait affairs, private equity, investment and financing and mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property, real estate, environmental protection, maritime and other professional fields. In addition, Timely Rain also serves as an expert consultant with respected legal experts in various countries.

We look forward to your coming to learn about the legal services of various countries, and we look forward to reaching cooperation with you.