China Legal Team

2021-03-29 13:33:10 89160

Why is Timely Rain's Chinese team so trustworthy?

Experts in Chinese and foreign legal business for 20 years, the lawyers of Timely Rain's Chinese team know you better, because the team has a background of studying abroad and Chinese nationality, and can solve your problems well and make communication without obstacles. At the same time, the lawyers of Timely Rain China team will carefully understand the needs of clients.

How is the level of lawyers in Timely rain's Chinese team?

First of all, the areas that the Chinese team is good at including civil and commercial law, corporate law, investment and financing and mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property, real estate, private equity, capital operations, maritime and commercial law and other fields. The team has Chinese and English bilingual ability, and the communication is very smooth whether it is overseas or in China, and can solve real needs for customers. Especially China's civil and commercial issues have a lot of risks. Timely Rain's lawyers know how to identify risks, give effective risk warnings, and form effective risk solutions.

In terms of disputes, the Chinese team has a wealth of experience. In addition to domestic business, we  also help many foreigners to solve legal problems in China and reduced legal costs. At the same time, we have received praise from many customers. We look forward to your cooperation with us.