The purpose for TIMELY RAIN(TR) to start legal services is to help people in need. TR is more willing to use its professional knowledge, professional spirit and noble character to shoulder the responsibilities of the legal profession, and protect the interests of our clients with enthusiasm and professional attitude.

TIMELY RAIN goal: praise from customers

TR uses legal weapons to maintain fairness and justice, while ensuring the interests of customers. TR's services are based on deep professional knowledge and extensive practical experience, and provide effective solutions according to customer needs. Therefore, TR will gain insight into facts, communicate efficiently, solve problems, and safeguard the rights and interests of customers.

TIMELY RAIN Way of Service

Insight, Communication, Resolution, Conscience

Insight: Insight is keen sensibility. Insight is an important quality that lawyers must possess. Without insight into the nature of things, one cannot understand the deep-seated reasons behind the facts, and it is difficult to make accurate judgments on things. If you can’t detect small changes in things in time, you can’t talk about grasping the overall situation of things, let alone predict the future of things. development trend. TR attaches great importance to the use of logical analysis and the spirit of seeking roots to explore the true meaning of things. It pays more attention to grasping and analyzing every subtle change, accurately grasping the trend of things, and preventing small problems from causing the final failure.


Communication: Communication means connecting two parties and unblocking each other's opinions. Communication is the most basic professional skill for lawyers. The lawyer's communication helps the two parties to establish mutual trust and reduce transaction costs; the lawyer's communication clarifies the problem and makes the subject clear; the lawyer's communication advantage enables clients to enjoy the services of a professional team. TR uses good communication skills to resolve conflicts and obstacles!


Resolve: Resolve is to process the transaction and make it have results. Solving problems is the responsibility and result of lawyers' work. TR uses legal tools to help parties resolve disputes, reconcile conflicts, prevent risks and reduce losses. TR is dedicated to solving clients' problems with the professionalism and professional ethics of lawyers, and is working tirelessly to find the best solutions.


Conscience: Conscience is a sense of justice and a sense of responsibility. The conscience of lawyers is the last line of defense in pursuit of fairness and justice. The conscience of lawyers requires lawyers to use unremitting diligence to seek the truth and maintain justice. TR adheres to honesty and trustworthiness, completes everything assigned by customers, and takes responsibility for customers with a sense of justice and responsibility.